About Gary Hill

Photo by Horatio Nicoara

Gary Hill has been publishing Music Street Journal (musicstreetjournal.com) since 1998. Since 2018 Hill has published MSJ simultaneously on-line and in book form. He also published all the archives in book form. In August of 2006 his first book The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H.P. Lovecraft was published. Since then several other books have been released including the book length space-opera Wizard Song and the horror novellas The Homestead and It Ends in the Graveyard.  Hill has also written for cable television (Cops 2.0 on G4), All Music Guide, Demand Media Studios and more. He launched Tales of Wonder and Dread Publishing to release science fiction and horror books in 2018, but published a collection of those types of stories in 2017 titled "Dark Dreams and Worlds." Under the Tales of Wonder and Dread nameplate, Hill has published more than three dozen books. Hill launched Spooky Ventures in 2019 and has been doing video interviews, Spooky News segments and more for the Spooky Ventures YouTube Channel since then. In April of 2024 Hill took on the character of "Scary Gary" for "Spooky Movie Time with Scary Gary" on the Spooky Ventures Youtube channel.