Gary Hill formed Spooky Ventures in 2019 with the intention of turning it into a "go to" source for all things "spooky." Spooky Ventures is a combination entertainment and merchandising company. For now it's strictly on the Internet (with several interconnected pieces of that entity), but there are plans to establish some physical connections, too. Spooky Ventures' motto is "Keep It Spooky," and that is reflected in all aspects of the endeavor.

The company is focused on a two-pronged approach to bringing spooky concepts to the people. The first of those approaches centers around the entertainment side. For the time being that's centered on a YouTube channel. There Spooky Ventures has been releasing "Spooky News" segments along with old-time radio shows and audio books as video. There is also an interview series "Spooky Interviews" and a "Spooky Places" series. There are other original content concepts in the works, too. In addition to the original Spooky Ventures videos there are several playlists of "spooky finds" to entertain.

The second part of the business model focuses on merchandising, and there are two prongs to that part. First, Spooky Ventures branded merchandise for those interested in all things spooky are available at a CafePress store located at The other side of the merchandise equation centers on calendars available at While both online stores have merchandise available now, more offerings are planned in the future. Also, the intent is to eventually have some of the merchandise available locally, too.

All of the various approaches of Spooky Ventures are gathered together at There you will find links to both stores along with selections of videos from the YouTube channel that will change frequently. In addition, there are offerings to be found from Spooky Ventures' partner business Tales of Wonder and Dread.